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Dell Xps 710 Blue Screen

Any ideas? If i installed 4x2gb sdrams, the system says 8gb installed but lists them as 800mhz and dual interleaved? Posted On: 2009-12-08 . Tmp. check over here

Did windows 7 quietly flash my bios? Even the best buy geeks said they updated. Any ideas? I tried changing each stick individually and with each one only in the system, both each read 1 gig alone, they were 2 gig sticks before windows 7! http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/desktop/f/3514/t/19245392

View Related Posts . . View Related Posts . . View Related Posts . . I have uploaded the dmp files on my skydrive, as was requested by the experts for the analysis of the problem.

Has anyone got any ideas? I upgraded to windows 7 professional from windows xp home edition. View Related Posts . . When i rotate the cam the laptop makes a sound similar to when you plugged in a usb device i guess it detects the cam for a couple of seconds, what

Posted On: 2009-11-15 . There are no electronics nearby, including cellphones. I haven't bothered with getting it fixed because it wasn't too much of a problem for me, but now it seems to be recurring a lot more often. But it's still happening.

The background was now this black screen with "safe mode" text in all four corners, and "microsoft" text centered on top of the screen. Dell has since replaced the: (1) motherboard (2) harddrive (3) keyboard still using original (1) processor (2) ram have done a "clean" install of vista home premium then upgrade windows 7 I even flashed the motherboard bios hoping that would solve my troubles, but no luck. More Info Sign In Upload Page of 182 Go Download Table of ContentsContents TroubleshootingTroublesh..

View 2 Replies . Public/032410-18954-01.dmphttp://cid-4c13b18c40902ad3. I think it might be a display driver problem. And system restore doesn't have a recent restore point.

View Related Posts . . check my blog System Restore unsuccessful. If a driver you’ve installed is causing Windows to blue monitor, it shouldn’t do so in secure Dell Xps 710 Blue Screen mode. If memory serves, I believe all of the 15.25 drivers (from folders Audio, Awy, Ethernet, IDE, SMBus and SMU) will fit on to a single CD, but that was over 6

View 8 Replies . Have installed the latest drivers and performed a windows update. View Related Posts . . http://afede.org/dell-xps/dell-xps-15-blue-screen.html The video card is an nvidia, using the ms update supplied drivers.

View Related Posts . . Anybody have any ideas what's causing this? I have 8 gb of ram and would like to use it.

Roll Back device driver to version prior to your driver update.

central moments) Set projection from user input with Arcpy What can I do if my advisor wants me to keep working, even while I'm on medical leave for severe depression? View Related Posts . . Note: If you've made several customizations to your BIOS configurations and don't wish to load the default ones then at least attempt returning clock speed, voltage configurations, and BIOS memory selections Reboot, windows splash, fast bsod, and back to post.

View 2 Replies . You have topower downthe computerand turn itback on with the on/off switch and select to boot "windows normally" to get it to boot up windows 7. This doesn't happen every time, but often enough that it causes problems. have a peek at these guys the error code can be checked against a known list of fault causes and narrow down the problem.... __________________ Computek Blog Ireland "There Justified and Ancient and they drive an Ice

Install 64-bit With 2gb Of Ram I have a vista home premium that passes the install test except i only have 2gb of ram. All i got was "resuming windows" and login page, entered password, screen went to blank. My bios can see i have 6gb running when i have the 3 sticks in, not even got to 4 sticks yet. Machine shows 6. 0 gb installed and lists them as 667mhz and dual asymmetric.

I have 8 gb of ram and would like to use it. Dell Xps 9000 - Audio Interference Sound Audio interference sounds when events like hard drive, keyboard or mouse are active setup - windows 7 x64 home premium with soundblaster x-fi xtreme I have tried to download and update drivers. After doing that the machine ran for several hours but again began crashing this evening.

Posted On: 2010-05-19 . I went on the internet, tried mail, but it failed. The only way for me to boot into XP is to set boot from CD and have a bootable CD in the drive at startup. Posted On: 2009-12-08 .

Posted On: 2010-07-25 . View 2 Replies . Here are my system details:Dell xps 710 h2cQx8700 2. 6 ghz oc to 3. 2 ghzWindows 7 home premium 64-bit8 gb ddr2ram lowered to 3990 in system configSound blaster x-fiDual nvidia After uninstalling, i could no longer see my dvd drive in windows explorer or in "my computer".

Blue Screen After Update I have windows vista home premium. It says: "home portal monitor: failed to initialize network access. " What does that mean and how do i fix it? I use dell control point manager to turn the wireless radio on but dcp is incompatible with win7. Can a human get sucked into a jet engine?

View Related Posts . . Quad core q6600 chip. Since then, i have, at random times, received the blue screen of death and then my computer quickly shuts down and reboots. Got a pop up from mcafee to restart computer so that the security programs would run.