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I heard that there is a blue screen of death screensaver in ubuntu, but you have to unlock it or something, is this true? A brilliant composition! Written by Conrad Parker; 2001. I've never heard of one either, but you can get one, I had it on my Windows partition for a while, really scared some people (and got me out of doing have a peek here

Warning: occasionally opens doors. Blaster Flying space-combat robots (cleverly disguised as colored circles) do battle in front of a moving star field. The planes are moving independently of one another, causing the interference lines to spray. teklek411 1.329 görüntüleme 4:31 How To Install XScreenSaver On Ubuntu 13.04 - Süre: 3:06. check that

MemScroller Scrolls a dump of its own memory in three windows at three different rates. Odd-shaped blobs of a mysterious substance are heated, slowly rise to the top of the bottle, and then drop back down as they cool. With trails enabled, it looks kind of like a cloud-chamber photograph.

The intersections are rendered as glowing orbs. Voronoi A Voronoi tessellation. Written by Andrew Plotkin; 2001. Wikipedia: "Jigsaw puzzle" Wikipedia: "Tessellation" Written by Jamie Zawinski; 1997.

Strange Strange attractors: a swarm of dots swoops and twists around. See also the "Rubik", "Cube21", and "GLSnake" screen savers. IMAX Hubble 3D10. https://www.screensaversplanet.com/screensavers/bsod-linux-installation-418/ The searcher is able to sense the odor and determine local instantaneous wind direction.

Different complex aperiodic plane tilings are produced depending on the period, position, and rotation of the component planes, and whether the rotation of the planes is evenly distributed around the circle Written by Matus Telgarsky; 2005. Written by Greg Bowering; 1997. googling "blue screen screensaver ubuntu" yields http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=495099 as the first result...

Who TV show. Compass A compass, with all elements spinning about randomly, for that "lost and nauseous" feeling. The city swells. Yükleniyor... Çalışıyor...

Inspired by François Apéry's book "Models of the Real Projective Plane", Vieweg, 1987. navigate here Features the popular attractors described by Lorentz, Roessler, Birkhoff and Duffing, and can discover entirely new attractors by itself. GLKnots Generates some twisting 3d knot patterns. Apollonian A fractal packing of circles with smaller circles, demonstrating Descartes's theorem.

I was able to create two Dr. Wikipedia: "Apollonian gasket" Wikipedia: "Descartes' theorem" Written by Allan R. This simulation requires a fairly fast machine (both CPU and 3D performance.) "LAVA LITE(r) and the configuration of the LAVA(r) brand motion lamp are registered trademarks of Haggerty Enterprises, Inc. http://afede.org/bsod-screensaver/bsod-screensaver-kde.html Wikipedia: "Spirograph" Written by Rohit Singh; 2000.

Another Matrix7. Audio Demonstrations of Killerringer 'At last, I've downloaded a ring modulator style plug-in which gives great immediate results-it does exactly what it says on the can! GLSchool A school of fish, using the classic "Boids" algorithm by Craig Reynolds.

Written by Steve Sundstrom; 2004.

IMSMap Cloud-like patterns. XScreenSaver a collection of free screen savers for X11, MacOS, iOS and Android by Jamie Zawinski and many others. Forum posting guidelinesMember:Not Canonical TeamUbuntu membership via Forums contributions Adv Reply Quick Navigation New to Ubuntu Top Site Areas Settings Private Messages Subscriptions Who's Online Search Forums Forums Home Forums My 3D Christmas Tree3.

A surface is filled with a hundred medium to small sized circles. Wikipedia: "Lyapunov exponent" Written by Ron Record; 1997. Wikipedia: "Tessellation" Written by Adrian Likins; 1998. http://afede.org/bsod-screensaver/bsod-screensaver-osx.html Wikipedia: "Voronoi diagram" Wikipedia: "Tessellation" Written by Jamie Zawinski; 2007.

Inspired by David Tristram's `electropaint' screen saver, originally written for SGI computers in the late 1980s or early 1990s. Wellicht komend jaar meer van Oddskool (een volwaardige cd?)'audiosport 'I like it. With the "Lenses" option, the result is like looking through many overlapping lenses rather than just a simple zoom. Written by Claudio Matsuoka and Jamie Zawinski; 2001.

Wikipedia: "Square One" Written by Vasek Potocek; 2005. Bu özellik şu anda kullanılamıyor. community.linuxmint.com The website for all Linux Mint users Home Community Ideas Tutorials Hardware Software Countries Users Moderation Chat room Testing ISO Images Teams Login Username Password Remember me Forgot password Register NoseGuy A little man with a big nose wanders around your screen saying things.

Starfish Undulating, throbbing, star-like patterns pulsate, rotate, and turn inside out. That circle rotates around a point on the rim of another circle, and so on, several times. Written by Carsten Haitzler and many others; 1999. Tarbell and Mike Kershaw; 2004.

Hilbert The recursive Hilbert space-filling curve, both 2D and 3D variants. Fireworkx Exploding fireworks. Who custom birthday greetings: one was from a dalek, the other a Cyberman...[Killerringer] seems to be the defacto tool for DALEKS!'Kenny Haberman 'jelly fantastic!! Hopalong Lacy fractal patterns based on iteration in the imaginary plane, from a 1986 Scientific American article.

Ekle Bu videoyu daha sonra tekrar izlemek mi istiyorsunuz? Written by Jamie Zawinski; 2008.